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Shaq the Freemason

by John Paul Gomez June 17, 2011


On June 11, 2011, Brother Shaquille O'Neal was made a Mason at sight at Widow's Son Lodge No. 28 in Boston. It would be terrific if he ends up being really involved with the Craft. For more information about becoming a Mason at sight, please click this link and this link

Photo credit: Jah Photos

UPDATE: Bro. Shaq's Freemason Ring

John Paul Gomez
John Paul Gomez


Bro. John Paul Gomez (aka Paul, JP, JPG) is a graphics designer by trade and a full-time father-of-4. He is currently the WM-Elect at Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada. He is an honorary member of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM in Buffalo, New York. In his youth, he was a member of the International Order of DeMolay Occidental Mindoro Philippines Chapter and the Thomas Michael Sherry Priory Order of Knighthood. He is a wanabee Muaythai fighter.