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End the Stigma #bellletstalk

by John Paul Gomez | January 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

I am living with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I cope with it by focusing my energies on 3 things- Family, Freemasonry, and Muaythai. I document my journey as a husband and a father with mental health issues on my Instagram page.

Today is #bellletstalk day and I am feeling obliged to share a piece of my story. Instead writing a wall of text, I'll just summarize how I feel today by borrowing words from the following. 

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold." -Bob Marley

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." -Rumi

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges." -Isaac Newton

"I don't want to believe. I want to know." -Carl Sagan

Mother Earth's most recent profile photo taken by NASA's Johnson Space Center. Such beauty!

Freemason "From Darkness To Light" Paisley Necktie Update

by John Paul Gomez | January 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

First of all, I hope everyone is having a great year so far. This update is overdue and everyone is wondering about what happened to their order. Yes, we have finished the production on time and we have the handsome neckties in our possession (see photos below), however, an important thing prevents me from sending the neckties right away. Read on. 

From Darkness to Light | Freemason neckties

Something Unique

One of the neat things about having a small business is that I can make decisions on the fly and implement it on impulse without having to go through a lot of red tape. For this collection, I planned to ditch the usual generic necktie box and surprise you with a fully customized decorative and protective box at no added cost to you. The photo below is the blueprint of this box which I designed myself.


Adorned with Signs & Symbols

Embedded on the design itself, but hidden from plain sight, are choice immortal words from Freemasons who came before us to inspire us in our daily lives. These messages are hidden from outside view to convey that the real Work happens from within

The Checkered Floor

When I said "fully customized", that's exactly what I meant. The FraternalTies box is not "stock size"- it's dimensions are based on the dimensions of our neckties. In terms of design, as you can see on the blueprint above, I did not spare even the bottom part of the box- a black and white mosaic pattern familiar to all Freemasons to remind us of the nature of life


But wait... there's more!

I already mentioned this on my last email but in case anyone missed it, you will also receive this signed limited edition mini poster featuring words from Brother Mark Twain. 


A plea to my loyal customers...

At the beginning of this letter, I talked about making impulsive business decisions. It has it's obvious positive side, but there's also a downside and that is I did not fully anticipate the time involved in producing a fully customized box. I have miscalculated and now I have to ask for your patience once more.

Would you be able to wait perhaps a couple of weeks for this box? If not I will fully understand. If you wish that I send you the tie ASAP without the customized protective and decorative box, please let me know by responding this this email and I will personally ship out your necktie right away. Please let me know your thoughts. 

Sincerely and Fraternally,

John Paul Gomez
Designer | Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM Toronto


The content of this blog post was taken from my latest newsletter.



New Year, New You: 10 Quotes by Freemasons that Will Make You a Better Man

by John Paul Gomez | December 31, 2016 | 2 Comments

I read somewhere that in ancient Babylon, the days between the Winter Solstice and the New Year were seen as the time of a struggle between Chaos and Order, with Chaos trying to take over the world. With new year comes new opportunities and a chance to better oneself. The following are select quotes by our late Brothers that will help you bring Order out of Chaos and make you a better man. 

  1. Bro. Benjamin Franklin on Dealing with Realities of Life 

  2. Bro. Winston Churchill On Being Consistent

  3. Bro. Henry Ford On Not Giving Up

  4. Bro. Mark Twain On Stress Free Living

  5. Brother Jose Rizal on Building Courage

  6. Bro. Manly P. Hall on Friendship and Brotherhood

  7. Bro. Ralph Waldo Emerson On Leadership

  8. Bro. George Washington on Choosing Friends and Acquaintances

  9. Brother Winston Churchill on Hardship

  10. Bro. James Naismith (Inventor of Basketball) on Mind, Body, and Soul

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