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Toronto Don Valley Warden's Association Logo and Lapel Pin

by John Paul Gomez | February 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

I'm feeling honored to be given the task of designing a logo for the reputable Toronto Don Valley Warden's Association. Thank you, Brother Ben San Juan, current president of the group, for putting your trust in me. 

What's with the Design?

The main graphic consist of 3 elements. The stylized plumb/level tools (the symbolic working tools of the wardens, for the unitiated), the Square and Compasses above the plumb/level, and the Rope or Cable Tow border. An additional symbol, the Acacia, is used to divide the typeface.  

The Warden's tools combined with the S&C is, at a glance, meant to look like a candle with Light.

Additional Inspirations

Shameless Self-promotion

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Freemasons Hoodies and T-shirts: The Universal Brotherhood Version 2

by John Paul Gomez | February 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

The FraternalTies original Universal Brotherhood version 2 logo is back. Features include smaller print and various shirt/hoodies color choices.

Freemasonry Universal Brotherhood FraternalTies Freemasons

My Inspiration for the Artwork

As Freemasons, we learn to be advocates of equality. No matter what the political belief or racial background, as long as the candidate is a good man who believes in a Higher Power above himself, who is sincere in his desire to improve his being, will be accepted with open arms and be made a better man.

How to Purchase

This print is available exclusively at our FraternalTies Teespring Store. Please click this link to purchase a shirt, hoodie, or sticker. Warning: If you see this print for sale elsewhere and the seller is not "FraternalTies", consider that product as fake and an unauthorized reproduction of my work. 


As we celebrate President's Day in the USA and Family Day here in Canada, I can help but think about all the 44th Episode of NPR's Hidden Brain podcast that I listened to some time ago. The title is simple and relevant- "Our Politics, Our Parenting". The authors of the article and the podcast wrote, "Democrats and Republicans often have trouble seeing one another's perspectives. Researchers think this might be driven in part by their earliest experience of power — the family."

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The ALL is Mind, the Universe is Mental, You are in Hell, and You are a Diamond!

by John Paul Gomez | February 01, 2018 | 0 Comments

Yesterday was Bell Let's Talk day, I'd like to share with you a slice of my mental illness and how it actually helped me make money doing what I love. 

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A few years ago the passing of my grandma, dad and in-laws took a toll on me and my family. We also have our kids health problems to worry about, and the marital and financial woes associated with having just lost one's day job. 

I was in such a dark place. One day I began shedding tears from just one eye (I am not making this up) and it went on for over a week. To make the long story short, our family doctor (after sending me to EENT specialists) eventually referred me to a psychiatrist who confirmed her suspicions that I was suffering from debilitating depression and social anxiety that's been causing all the weird shit like me crying from just one eye even though I didn't feel like crying at all!

To make another long story short, a report was made, I went on a long leave and was eventually let go. Life felt unbearable. I ballooned to over 200lbs. Everything was shit. 

Life is a lot better now and looking back I see that losing that job is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to stay at home with my wife and kids while pursuing my interest! Of course not without a little bit of creativity and perseverance.

My advice to anyone going through trials and tribulations- never give up. There are lessons to be learned. You're a carbon-based lifeform- extreme heat and pressure will turn you into a fucking diamond! Brother Winston Churchill once said, "If you're going through hell, keep going!" Prosperity is yours if you believe it! 

Winston Churchill FraternalTies Famous Freemasons

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