About FraternalTies


To support our family and to inspire our customers by sharing stories of our journey and by creating Fraternal arts, crafts and various Masonic merchandise that are inspirational and relatable to Freemasons from all walks of life.


Where did you come from? Where are you going? What do you do in between?

FraternalTies Whence Came You Masonic Wallpaper

Designed by a Freemason, for Freemasons

Operated by Husband and Wife with their 4 kids

Our designer, Bro. J. Paul Gomez from Doric Lodge No. 316 in Toronto, have over 20 years of graphics design background.

As the current W.M. of his lodge; and having being immersed into Freemasonry since mid-90's as a DeMolay; he carries with him a wealth of Masonic knowledge that permeates through his work.

How it began

In 2009 Paul, a graphics designer and newly Raised Master Mason at Doric Lodge No. 316 in Toronto at the time, was on the lookout for a Masonic necktie that he can wear to lodge.

He quickly found out that the market was saturated with cheap polyester neckties printed with loud and colorful Square and Compasses- a far cry from the "Subtle Art" that Freemasonry is.

Sensing the frustration, his wife Rechelle encouraged Paul to simply design a necktie for himself. The challenge was accepted. A design was made and a suitable manufacturer was found. Here's the result.

FraternalTies Masonic Necktie Ask12b1

Luckily, instead of just 1, the manufacturer made 2. One was kept for Paul to wear and the other one was auctioned in eBay for 0.99 cents. When the bidding neared the 100 USD mark, it was realized that there are a lot of Freemasons looking for subtle Masonic neckties with well thought out designs and made with high-quality natural silk material.

The tie that binds

To date, we have designed and produced over a hundred different styles of neckties and bowties and have sold thousands of units. 

FraternalTies Masonic Necktie Memento Mori

Royal Arch Masons Necktie

We also have added new products along the way such as our Checkered Floor inspired leather sneakers (handcrafted in Italy) and our 21-jewel steel, leather and acacia wood Masonic watch. 

FraternalTies Masonic Watch

FraternalTies Freemason Shoes

Our story continues. Follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/fraternalties.