About FraternalTies

FraternalTies started out in 2009 as a small eBay shop selling limited edition neckties personally designed by Bro. John Paul Gomez from Doric Lodge No. 316, AF&AM in Ontario, Canada. It has since grown into a respected, well-known, and sought-after brand that also boasts an enthusiastic following on Facebook where Bro. Gomez regularly publishes his artworks, as well as his thoughts on family, Freemasonry, and work. 

Designed by a Freemason, for Freemasons

If the words of our customers and Brethren from all corners are to be taken seriously, it will lead us to believe that FraternalTies is the world's foremost and, perhaps, only authority in high-end bespoke Masonic neckwear. While we certainly do appreciate the kind words of our valued patrons, there are only three things that we can know for certain: first, our neckties are designed by a Freemason, Bro. Gomez himself, for Freemasons; second, our fabric is handmade with 100% Jacquard woven silk; third, our ties sell like the proverbial Masonic pancake breakfast- and like all good pancake breakfast, it's always sold-out! Thanks to its genuine silk material and wool interlining, our ties have a very smooth texture and gives off a natural luster- just don't pour maple syrup all over it.

Modesty aside, we are world-renowned for the high quality craftsmanship of our products. Our ties are abundant with meaningful symbolism and yet the overall look remains harmonious, subtle, and elegant. Our designs are often imitated yet never matched.

Tongue of good report

We firmly believe that it is our passion and dedication to our craft combined with the loyal following and friendship of our supporters that have brought us here.  Check out a few comments on our Facebook page and you will get an idea about what our customers really think of the high quality silk neckties and other Masonic crafts that we produce. We are very proud and extremely grateful knowing that our creations are always very well received. Please also visit our Testimonials page to read a few examples of the kind words that we have collected from our customers. 

A Family Affair

FraternalTies is a true family business in every sense- Bro. Gomez does the creative and the technical, his wife Rechelle takes care of the customers and the financial aspects of the business, their firstborn Chienna provides grammar tips and valuable feedback on the aesthetics of any FraternalTies design, while the youngest members of the family Jachin and the twins Roger and Gerry serve as the cuteness factor and the inspiration to all of us in this endeavour. Being a family business with no other employees besides us, we only make and sell what we can fulfill. Due to its limited nature, not all will get a chance to purchase our products.


Our Mission 

To take over the world one necktie at a time. 

Our Vision 

To be the best in anything that we do.

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Honesty being the best policy, we believe that although it is good to talk about our accomplishments, it will be unfair not to disclose our shortcomings. Though some of our Brethren have been very kind to insist that they understand, we must announce for the interest of full disclosure that our fulfillment record have been tarnished lately. Due to certain reasons that is beyond our control, there may be more delays in the future. If you need your FraternalTies® necktie before a certain date, please make sure to contact us first before you purchase to ensure a timely delivery. T-shirts, mugs, and posters are not affected by this shipping issue since these particular merchandise will be shipped to you by our fulfillment partner in the U.S.A.