About Us

Welcome to FraternalTies, your premier source for thoughtfully designed and expertly woven Jacquard neckties and bow ties for Freemasons. Our family-owned business, established in 2009 by Bro. J. Paul Gomez, a graphics designer, Past Master, and DeMolay alumni, along with his wife Sis. Rechelle Gomez, a member of the Daughter's of the Nile, is proud to be a part of the Masonic tradition.

Our Story

In 2008, Bro. Gomez took his first step into the world of Freemasonry. Eager to complete his Masonic attire with a distinctive necktie, he scoured the internet, only to find that the available options were adorned with gaudy designs and outdated styles. Frustration mounted, prompting Rechelle to issue a challenge: "Why not design one yourself?" Bro. Gomez accepted that challenge, embarking on a journey that would become the foundation of FraternalTies.

Determined to create the perfect tie, Bro. Gomez sought out a suitable manufacturer. After patiently waiting for about a month, his very own personalized necktie arrived. Surprisingly, two neckties were produced during the initial order, prompting a bold decision. Bro. Gomez decided to auction the second tie, setting its starting price at just 99 cents. To everyone's astonishment, the winning bid far exceeded expectations, and those earnings marked the inception of our business.

Our Commitment to Quality Masonic Neckties

As we've grown over the years, expanding our product lines and reaching a wider Masonic community, we remain grounded in our roots. At FraternalTies, we are committed to crafting high-quality custom Masonic neckties that honor tradition and help elevate the Masonic experience for the wearer. Our custom neckties for Freemasons are touted by several Masonic podcasts (such as the Meet, Act and Part podcast) and Masonic publications (such as the Southern California Research Lodge's Fraternal Review magazine) as best-in-class. 

Experience the Craftsmanship

From those humble beginnings to our present-day endeavors, FraternalTies continues to be a testament to the spirit of craftsmanship, dedication to Masonic principles, and the bonds of brotherhood that unite us all. Join us on this journey and experience the history and craftsmanship woven into every tie we create.

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