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Family, Freemasonry, Muaythai

by John Paul Gomez March 03, 2016

Family, Freemasonry, Muaythai

Not too long ago I vowed to completely change my lifestyle in a final effort to defeat anxiety, depression, and sleep apnea the natural way.

First thing I gave up was smoking (still not 100% but I'm now down to about 1-2 sticks per week); and then diet was next (remembering my previous FB post, I ate nothing but sardines with rice every day for the entire month of November 2015). I also applied more Philosophy and Freemasonry for the mind; and, as per my doctor- exercise for the body. Healthy mind, healthy body. As above, so below. As within, so without. It makes sense to me now.

For exercise, since my kids were already doing Muaythai, I decided (or should I say my wife decided for me) that I must join as well. At 34 years old, it was my first ever sport. It was grueling to put it mildly, but the clarity of mind that I get during and after the workout / torture simply cannot be matched by any of the prescriptions and psychotherapy sessions that I've ever had. I was instantly hooked.


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I am now sitting at 179 pounds and still burning fat at the rate of 1-3 pounds per week. I feel light. I feel great. And my wife is very happy that I no longer snore like I used to. I feel a lot more confident and I feel no longer depressed, I think I still have the social anxiety and I still get the occasional panic attacks but have since learned to contain and manage it.

I'm really surprised to find out that I have a heart for sports. My only regret was I allowed my #introvert self to believe that I wasn't good enough to try it when I was younger. Like what my 'Kru' and personal trainer would say, "You will not win if in you're mind you're defeated already." Remember, it's never too late and you will never know if you don't try. 

John Paul Gomez
John Paul Gomez


Bro. John Paul Gomez (aka Paul, JP, JPG) is a graphics designer by trade and a full-time father-of-4. He is currently the WM-Elect at Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada. He is an honorary member of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM in Buffalo, New York. In his youth, he was a member of the International Order of DeMolay Occidental Mindoro Philippines Chapter and the Thomas Michael Sherry Priory Order of Knighthood. He is a wanabee Muaythai fighter.