10 Famous Men You Didn't Know Were Freemasons - Part 1

by John Paul Gomez | February 10, 2012 | 21 Comments

Steve Wozniak

Best known as: Co-founder of Apple Computers
Initiated: 1980
Member of: Charity Lodge No. 362, Campbell, CA
Quotable Quote: "You have to think offensively and defensively and see where your opponent is going to go. Your mind has to be totally aware of the whole situation. That doesn't come the first time you play.”

The Ringling Bros

Best known as: Entertainers
Initiated, Passed, and Raised: All of them between 1890-1891
Member of: Baraboo Lodge No. 34, WI

Eddie Murphy (Confirmed- not a Freemason. Confused with Audie Murphy who is a war hero and also an actor)

Best known as: A comedian
Initiated: Unknown
Member of: North Hollywood Lodge No. 542, CA (see note below)
Quotable Quote: “In reality, all men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives trying to create a masterpiece.”
Note: Though Eddie Murphy is listed as a Freemason in numerous Masonic websites (including Wikipedia's list of Famous Freemasons). I couldn't find any record of the date when he was Initiated, Passed, and Raised. I also wonder if some people have just confused him with Freemason Audie Murphy (1924-1971) of Hollywood Lodge No. 542, CA. 
EDIT (June 25, 2012): Bro. Jeff M., a member of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 and Ken Butters confirmed that I (and wikipedia) have confused Audie Murphy with Eddie Murphy. Audie Murphy and not Eddie Murphy is a member of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 where they have a special room dedicated in his memory. 

John Molson

Best known as: Founder of Molson Breweries
Initiated: Date unknown but he is known to have served as the Worshipful Master of St. Paul's Lodge from June to December 1791 and from June 1795 to June 1796. 
Member of: St. Paul's Lodge, No. 374

Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax

Best known as: The inventor of the Saxophone
Initiated: Unknown
Member of: Loge Les Vrais Amis de L'Union
Note:  His petition for initiation was found in the archives of the Lodge "Les Vrais Amis de l'Union" but no other record of his membership exists. 

Richard J. Gatling

Best known as: The inventor of the Gatling Gun
Initiated: Unknown
Member of: Center Lodge No. 23, Indianapolis, Ind

J. C. Penny

Best known as: Founder of JCPenney
Initiated: April 18, 1911, P. May 19, 1911, R. June 2, 1911
Lodge: Wasatch Lodge No. 1 F&AM Utah

Samuel Colt

Best know as: The inventor of the Revolver
Initiated: Unknown
Member of: St. John’s Lodge No. 4, Pythagoras Chapter No. 17, Washington Commandery No. 1, all of Hartford, CN

Frederick Louis Maytag

Best known as: Inventor of the automated washing machine
Initiated: I. April 23, P. May 14, R. Sept 13, 1887
Member of: Newton Lodge No. 59, Newton, Iowa

Louis Armstrong

Best known as: Jazz musician
Initiated: Unknown
Member of: Montgomery Lodge No. 18, Lodge of Montgomery No. 18, PHA, New York, NY (membership disputed. see notes below)
Note: According to historians, Louis Armstrong may have been a member of numerous "Masonic" groups but none of them are recognized by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. 


Bruce A. Alderson, Eastern Star Lodge, Rehoboth, MA said:

Working 24/7 to improve myself and contribute to a better world.

January 18, 2017

Eric Blair said:

The Light Bearer cometh.

January 01, 2017

Dave said:

Is Matt Groening a Freemason?

November 10, 2016

Crystal said:

I get tired of ppl making it seem like Masons are a cult. They aren’t at all. It is a group of men who believe in God and want to do better for themselves and help others. I see no problem in that. In this day in age, we need more people that believe in God and want to better themselves!

April 28, 2016

roland said:

Making good men better Masonry.

Doing good for humanity and believing in a God is just fine.

Having rituals and signs can make some people sink into all kinds of conspiracy nonsense.

Thank God for Masonry and the Shriners, how many know they are all Freemasons.

So Mote it be.

MM. Scottish Rite. Scotsman/ Canadian.

December 03, 2015

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