Freemason Secrets Revealed

by John Paul Gomez November 11, 2011 0 Comments

These photos were taken on September 2011 Installation of Officers. Location: Doric Lodge No. 316, Thornhill, Canada. Browse at  your own risk!

Temple Wizard W.Bro. Roy Gomes shows the Brethren how to grill a chicken THE RIGHT WAY.


Bro. Stefano Amelio receiving the secrets...


The Most Interesting Freemason in the world, Bro. Chris Branco.


Newly elect WM Raoul Gomes with the sacrificial chicken.


Bro. S.M. with Justin Bieber.


All kidding aside, we all had a very wonderful, though provoking, inspiring, challenging and most of all- FUN night! Thank you to everyone who have attended the Doric Lodge No. 316 Installation of Officers. Congratulations to newly elected WM Raoul Gomes and to the elected and appointed officers. Good times ahead!


Sorry... Can't resist. This is just too good to pass up. This is the last one I promise.

John Paul Gomez
John Paul Gomez


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