Freemasonry Inspired Handicrafts

by John Paul Gomez June 28, 2015

Freemasonry Inspired Handicrafts

"Moreover, there are many workmen with you, stonecutters and masons of stone and carpenters, and all men who are skillful in every kind of work."

-1 Chronicles 22:15

 I was imbued at an early age with love and earnest appreciation of art and crafts. My father was a public teacher and electrician by trade, starving artist by nature. My dad was a man who would rather share and give away his creations and gain friendship than profit. The way he would see it, he'd rather have a laugh with a stranger than bear the burden of having to collect money. This along with his other eccentricities was reason enough for my mom to leave him. He was heartbroken, but his love for art and his craft only intensified. What was once a source of joy also became a source of solace. As a kid, I was completely immersed. 

Looking back, life as a youngster living with a temperamental artist for a single parent was tough, but I do have many fond memories of growing up with him. I remember the early morning beach walks looking for see glasses, odd shaped rocks, and driftwood. I remember the annual gathering of local artist and meeting all sorts of wonderful people who make a living doing what they love. I remember the World War II anti-aircraft artillery shell that he and his buddies dug up from the dock and, using a bench vice and a hacksaw, managed to remove the projectile and the propellant charge without getting blown to kingdom come. It was an accomplishment. What was left of it, the brass cartridge case, became the exhaust pipe of his Suzuki B120. It was bold, it was fun, it was loud- just like my dad.

My creative dad met his Creator not too long ago but he still lives in me. I have his eyes to appreciate beauty, his hands to create, and even some of his temperament to liven things up. Like him I also find solace in the act of creating art and in supporting others who create.

Allow me to show you some of the exciting crafts that we have been developing here at FraternalTies in partnership with craftsmen from all over the world. Everything that we do is designed by a Freemason (yours truly), for Freemasons. 

"Sprig of Acacia" Solid Bronze Cufflinks and Lapel Pin

 Hand made in Dallas, Texas USA by a local artist and grandmother. Her grandfather was a Shriner Mason.

"Eye of Providence" Handcarved mango wood Masonic trinket box

Hand carved in Uttar Pradesh, India by local artisans.

Square and Compasses wood and leather bowtie

Made with ebony wood and genuine Canadian leather. 

Hand-carved Masonic trinket box Sheesham wood

Hand carved in Karnataka, India by local artisans.

"Noble Tools" Handcarved mango wood Masonic trinket box

Hand carved in Uttar Pradesh, India by local artisans.

Travelling hat /G\ (social media active Bros will appreciate)

Made in the USA

Masonic Working Tools throw pillow

Made in the USA

Lewis Tool onesies for babies!

Made in USA

That all for now my friends. We really appreciate the support that you have generously given us through the years. Thank you.

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John Paul Gomez
John Paul Gomez


W. Bro. John Paul Gomez (aka Paul, JP, JPG) is an artist by trade and a full-time father-of-4. He currently serves as the W.M. for Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada. He is a Senior DeMolay and an honorary member of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM in Buffalo, New York. He likes to cook and is a big fan of Muaythai.

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David Lee
David Lee

January 15, 2017


I am interested in purchasing a few of the items listed on this blog; specifically the wooden carved boxes. Might you be able to advise me how to proceed?

Thank you for your assistance!


January 08, 2016

I Love the /G\ Hat, please let me know when they are available for purchase.
Great Looking products.

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