1st Edition FraternalTies Freemasons Paisley Necktie

by John Paul Gomez May 22, 2015 0 Comments

1st Edition FraternalTies Freemasons Paisley Necktie

The original Freemason Paisley necktie!

It took almost a year to get this one right! Only 200 units ever made. I was shocked to discover that some of the letter G on the fabric was woven in reverse! 

Freemasons Necktie Paisley FraternalTies

At least one buyer requested for a refund while others seem to be delighted with the thought that the error will make it even more desirable to collectors in the future. Not sure if what you have is the 1st Edition? Look for the letter G between the S&C. If some of them are reversed, jackpot!  

A Year in the Making

This one is not easy to make. It took me many design tweaks to get the fabric right. The photos below show the evolution of the Masonic paisley tie.

FraternalTies Freemasons paisley necktie fabric swatch

More Photos

For your enjoyment!

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