18 Popular Brands You Didn't Know Were Founded By Freemasons

by John Paul Gomez | December 25, 2016 | 11 Comments

This is a follow up to the "10 Famous Men You Didn't Know Were Freemasons" blog that I wrote about 5 years ago.

I present to you well-known US / Canada brands (alphabetically arranged) that were founded by a Freemason. Some on this list have local popularity and some are known on a global scale. Got something to comment or add? Please leave a comment below. 

  1. Alexander Keith's Brewery

    Founded by Brother Alexander Keith. Initiated in 1816 at St. John No. 118, Sunderland, Scotland. Affiliated with Virgin Lodge No. 2, Halifax, SC. Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia from 1869-1873.

  2. Apple Computers

    Co-founded by Steve Wozniak. Initiated in 1979 at Charity Lodge No. 362 in Campbell, California, now part of Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 292 in Los Gatos, California. (Note: I heard uncomfirmed reports that he have demited a long time ago)

  3. Chrysler Corporation

    Founded by Brother Walter Percy Chrysler. I can't find information about his Initiation-Raising but I came across this interesting article by a Brother who said he was a member of Scottish Rite Isis Shrine Temple of Salina in Kansas. 

  4. Colt's Manufacturing Company

    Founded by Brother Samuel Colt. Member of St. John’s Lodge No. 4, Pythagoras Chapter No. 17, Washington Commandery No. 1, all of Hartford, CN

  5. Ford Motor Company

    Founded by American industrialist Brother Henry Ford. Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI and was a member of Zion Lodge No. 1.

  6. Gillette

    Founded by Brother King Camp Gillette. Adelphi Lodge, Quincy, Massachusetts. Affiliated with Columbian Lodge, Boston on  April, 1909.

  7. The Hoover Company

    Founded by Brother Frank G. Hoover, William McKinley Lodge No. 431, Ohio.

  8. Maclean's

    Founded by Brother John Bayne Maclean. Ionic Lodge No. 25, Toronto.

  9. Mayo Clinic

    Founded by Brother William Worrall Mayo. Rochester Lodge No. 21

  10. Maytag Corporation

    Founded by Brother Frederick L. Maytag. Newton Lodge No. 59, Iowa.

  11. Molson Canadian

    Founded by Brother John Molson, Sr. Master of St. Paul's Lodge in 1971 and served as the Provincial Grand Master for Lower Canada in 1826.  

  12. JC Penney

    Founded by Brother James Cash Penny. Wasatch Lodge No. 1, Salt Lake City
    Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk.

  13. Macy's

    Founded by Brother Rowland Macy Merrimack Lodge, Haverhill, Massachusetts. 

  14. NBA

    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
    While he is not the founder of the NBA as an association, Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball itself. He was Initiated at Roswell Lee Lodge, Springfield, Massachusetts. Affiliated and became the Worshipful Master of Lawerence Lodge No. 6, Kansas. 

  15. Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. Lodge No. 651, Henryville, Indiana. Hugh Harris Lodge No. 938, Corbin, Whitley County, Kentucky

  16. Tim Horton's

    Founded by former hockey star and Brother Tim Horton. Kroy Lodge No. 676, Thornhill, Ontario. 

  17. Wendy's Restaurants

    Founded by Brother Dave Thomas. Sol. D. Bayless Lodge No 359, Fort Wayne, Indiana

  18. Ringling Bros

    The Ringling (Rüngeling) Brothers were all members of Baraboo Lodge No. 34 in Baraboo Wisconsin. 

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Rizaldy Cueto said:

How about Disney and Napoleon Brand of Personal Development? Am I right about these information, My Dear Brothers?

January 06, 2017

Toby Wilhelm said:

Why no mention of Captain Morgan’s rum?

December 31, 2016

Eugene Kerrigan said:

Molson entry has some confusing dates

December 31, 2016

Brett said:

Founder of Kellogg Cereal was a Member of Battle Creek, Michigan’s Lodge #12 and great friend to Henry Ford. Ford I believe was duel member of Battle Creek as well because of his friendship with Kellogg.

December 31, 2016

Dick Pairo said:

Should do a list of elected officials. Would need many pages.

December 31, 2016

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