Lapel Pins, Challenge Coins, Rings and other neat stuff that Freemasons collect

by John Paul Gomez | March 06, 2016 | 0 Comments

Yesterday on Facebook and Instagram, I asked the Brethren to share photos of their collection and hashtag it with #hiramstrinkets. Here are the submissions. Thanks to all who particated!

Submitted by John Paul Gomez

Comment: I find that Instagram is better at filtering hashtags, Facebook- not so much. A day have passed already and I still get zero results in FB for #hiramstrinkets despite several Brothers including myself using it. If you want to see your photo in this page, let me know and I'll include it.


Submitted by


Submitted by Bro. Daniel Di Natale


Submitted by Bro. Angelo Cares Rios


Submitted by Bro. Kenneth Lottman 

 Hiram's Trinkets submitted by by


Submitted by


Submitted by


Submitted by Bro. Kenneth Lottman Jr. 


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