Ordo Ab Chao | 33° Scottish Rite Tie | Grey on Black Edition

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A slick all-black Jacquard woven silk Masonic necktie designed exclusively for the Master of the Royal Secret.

Design Secrets Revealed

God is in the detail they say. Hover your cursor above the photo to activate our magnifier app. When a new photo loads, simply move the cursor outside the image to refresh the magnifier.

True to Character | Unaltered Photos

All the photos that you see here on this were not modified in any way- no colour correction, no brightness/contrast adjustments, no cropping/resizing, etc. was performed. The only thing that was added to the photos is the FraternalTies logo watermark on the lower right side.

Self-tipped tie

We don't cheap out on our ties. The "tipping" or that diagonal area at the back of the widest tip of this tie is made of the same Jacquard-woven silk shell as the rest of the tie. Others save cost by using a cheap polyester material to cover this area.

Why the varying colour temperature?

The photos were taken during different times within the same partly-cloudy day here in Toronto. I don't use lighting equipment and have complete reliance on natural light although I use a foil reflector every once in a while. Photos were taken with my old and beloved Digital Rebel XT with a 50mm lens.

Is it available in other colours?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee availability. 

Beware of Fakes

There are 4 Masonic regalia companies who are known to make exact replicas of FraternalTies designs without permission. This particular design, the 33° Scottish Rite necktie, is one of the most plagiarized of all our neckties. Please note tat all the artworks and fabric pattern designs are designed in-house by WB J. Paul Gomez from Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Toronto and an honorary member of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM in Buffalo- the merchandise that you see here are not supposed to be available elsewhere unless permitted by FraternalTies. If you have a similar looking tie but it doesn't say FraternalTies on the back, you have inadvertently supported a cowan. 

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