32nd Degree Scottish Rite necktie No. 1 (from personal collection)


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Brethren and Friends,

Today (June 28, 2015) we will release 10 units of the 32nd Degree SR neckties along with 11 units of the Memento Mori II 2nd Edition neckties from my own personal collection. These neckties are from the same first batch that was produced on June 2014. It was an instant hit and we sold out immediately. We are releasing these for sale so we can fuel our projects and upcoming merchandise (click here to see what we're up to). Your support is immensely appreciated! 

This peculiar necktie, the 1st from what will be the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite series, is hand made with 100% Jacquard woven silk. As always, I personally selected the silk fiber that was used to weave the fabric. I hope that you will appreciate the contrasting weave and the iridescent sheen that helps reveal the secret of the fabric - a pattern of Square and Compasses interlinked by the chain of Brotherhood.   

These 11 are the last from this batch. Once gone, it's gone forever.

Pricing and S&H information: 

Retail price: USD $55.00 

S&H: USD $20.00 (Flat rate. With tracking number. Professionally packaged.)

Shipping Date: Your order will be shipped on Friday July 3, 2015

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Package dimensions

Length: 15.5 inches

Width: 6 inches

Height: 1.2 inches

Weight: approx. 300 grams

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