“One of the companies I first discovered was Fraternal Ties by Bro. John Paul Gomez of Doric Lodge No. 316, way out in the cold wastes of Canada (like 2 hours from us in Buffalo!). I recall finding him on eBay selling an amazing red silk tie. It was designed to have a very 1800s look that had square and compasses hidden in the design. An amazing tie that I could wear everyday, not too over the top that people would look at it and be taken aback by the design. It is a simple and wonderful design that got me hooked to his work. I have bought all but two of the ties he has made since. I can tell you that with each new tie -- well they just get better.”

Daniel J. Di Natale, Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM
Excerpt from http://harmonie699.blogspot.ca/2011/12/best-of-masonic-regalia.html



“We Freemasons put a lot of value on our trust in each other. We pride ourselves in treating others, but more especially our Brothers, "Squarely". Bro. John Gomez, owner/operator of FraternalTies.com is a shining example and personifies this trust. I highly recommend his products and services. In dealing with him, he has always been highly professional, service oriented and trustworthy as you would expect. On top of all that, his creativity and talent shows in the unique quality of his designs and his products. I now own two of his tie sets and am thrilled with both the design and the quality. A top notch business dealing between trusted Brothers. Again, I can't recommend him highly enough. ”

WB Robert Herd
Grand Orator for GL of Colorado AF&AM
Owner/Editor ~ Living Stones Masonic Magazine



“When I was in Toronto last week, Brother John Paul Gomez made me a gift of one of his beautiful ties from FraternalTies.com (his Canadian Freemason design). These ties are superbly designed and well-crafted, and all of them are unique. I strongly recommend Brother Gomez' work. You can't go wrong making yourself a gift of one, or directing your spouse to his website for that special "What do I buy for a Mason?" event.”

W Bro. Chris Hodapp,33°. Author of the best-selling "Freemasons For Dummies"
Link: http://freemasonsfordummies.blogspot.ca/2012/07/fraternal-ties.html




“Having previously been impressed with the ties I had purchased, I recommended Fraternal Ties to my Lodge for the production of a 50 year Anniversary tie. The very basic artwork we provided was turned into a stunning tie. We have since placed an order for our Lodge Ties to be produced as well. I can't thank Fraternal Ties enough. From initial design to production and delivery, every aspect has been outstanding. Thank you”

VW Bro.Tony Murrell, DDGM, 9th District (E), A,C,G,L.



“Wow, brother great job on those new designs! I showed my wife the Memento Mori 2, and needless to say I had to buy the set. Just incredible. Thanks again for making a AMAZINGLY crafted gift. I can't stress how much I enjoy a crafted masonic item, especially when it's classy and a mans man gift. I hope that makes sense, haha take care , and I cant wait to wear it!”

Bro. Robert Johnson
Host of Whence Came You?
A Freemasonic Podcast



“The neckties are exceptional. I will certainly be a repeat customer & hope to meet you in person when I am in Toronto or you are in NYC.”

W Bro. George Filippidis, 250th Master of St. John's Lodge No 1, AYM, F&AM
St. John's Lodge No. 1 is the oldest operating Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New York. The Lodge is also the caretaker of the George Washington Inaugural Bible.




“My wife ordered the Corinthian set for me, for which I am very grateful. These ties are incredible and of the highest quality. Thanks, brother.”

Bro. Rich Fredrickson, United States Army, Fordham, 10th Mountain Division




"I think any of these ties would quickly become a Freemason's favorite meeting tie."

W.Bro. Todd E. Creason, 33°, Author of Famous America Freemasons
Review link: http://toddecreason.blogspot.ca/2012/08/fraternal-ties-great-gift-idea-for.html




“Brother John, I love your original Momento Mori tie which was given to me by a great friend & Companion from Utah, Reed Fanning! The quality, weight & design make it a gem in my collection of ties and I wear it to Lodge often. I just saw the Momento Mori 2, which I plan to make my next purchase of many to come. I have suggested the officers of my symbolic Lodge consider an officers tie. Keep up the great work and let us know the next time you remake any of the subtle ties or especially the 47th Problem of Euclid (black or red?)!”

W Bro. Theo S. Jones, P.M.
Chaplain, East Denver Lodge #160, AF&AM, Colorado




“I had seen an advertisement on Facebook about Fraternal Ties and went browsing. I was impressed with their products being a Fellowcraft and not yet entitled to wear light, I was unsure if I should purchase one. After asking my WM if I could indeed purchase one, I contacted Bro. Gomez via email. He was friendly and prompt and my order for a limited edition Corinthian Tie was placed. I was told it would be a few months until they were ready. I stayed diligent in my work and last night was raised as a Master Mason. I rode home quietly and reflected the evenings events. Excited that I was now a Master, but sad that I had no light to signify my new station in life. When I arrived home and made my way to the doorstep, I noticed a package from Bro. Gomez and Fraternal Ties. My Corinthian tie had arrived the very night I was raised. I wear it proudly to work today and look foreward to doing future business with this wonderful company. They are definately on the level.”

Bro. Savoy
Humble Cottage Lodge
Opelousas La




“BROTHER!!! you have gone above and beyond! i got my shipment yesterday. the pure class these black boxes exude is outstanding. The quality of the items is top notch. I cannot thank you enough.”

Bro. Ryan Case, www.casetronaut.com




“I just received my Memento Mori 2, and I have to say it instantly became my favorite tie in my entire collection. I can't speak highly enough about the design and the quality. Thanks again.”

Bro. Ryan S. Bonnett, Harmonie Lodge No. 699




“Illustrious Bro. John, good morning!

I received the ties (works of art) that you produce. Honestly, pretty much. I was very pleased with his attitude. if I could give some advice it would be: a sticker on the back of the tie should be like this: hand made with great art! Congratulations on your beautiful work. I'll show several brothers, including our Grand Master.

Note: The Memeto Mori 2, is a real tribute to Grade 3. Fantastic, you have the same reason the node is impressive. We'll meet at the quarry soon!

A Big Hug Fraternal!”

W.Bro. Olavo Figueiredo, Lodge and Justiça/32 Fraternity, Masonic Grand Lodge of Minas Gerais - Brazil




“I am so impressed with the workmanship of my ties. I can hardly wait to give them to my good friends and brethren at lodge this Thursday.”

W.M. Bro. John MacDonald, Keene Lodge #374




“I received the tie earlier this week, and wore it to our regular meeting this past Wednesday; it looks sharp. This and the other tie I bought from you (the Forget-Me Not) are great. I thank you for everything.”

Bro. T. Dvoracek, Northern Light No. 203 GRS




“Fantastic Quality, and Very prompt service, even across the pond to "Dear Old Blighty". This is a must visit site for freemasons across the globe. Be seen in something different and unique!”

Bro Martin C. Auckland, Ryton Lodge 8988, Pelham Royal Arch Chapter 939, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England




“A month or so ago I bought a Masonic tie from you on eBay.It drew many admiring looks at Lodge-I doubt that they were admiring my face.”

Bro. D. Varner, Kitselas Lodge 123




“Remarkable work!”

Bro. Arnie Cade, Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM, Tupelo, Mississippi
Ref. Link: Link: http://tupelomason.blogspot.ca/2012/03/bro-johnn-paul-gomez-senior-deacon.html




“This was by far the best Masonic tie I have seen!”

Michelle C., Wife of a Shrine Mason




“I am only sorry that I missed that red floral tie. What a work of art that design was!”

Bro. Bob Vega on a FraternalTies limited edition necktie




“My necktie looks great! Will have to keep an eye on your site for new ones!”

C. Rogers, Colorado




“Please feel free to contact me if you’re ever in Washington DC! The tie is truly beautiful. I will be proudly displaying my new tie at lodge this week”

Bro. J. Holston, Naval Lodge #4, Washington D.C.




“I recieved my ties today. Both are of exceptional quality. I am very happy with both the ties and will certainly pass along your enclosed business cards to other members of The Consolidated Lodge, A.F. & A.M. Boston, MA.”

Bro. K. Hoffman, Suffolk University




“Holy Crap! This is a way nicer tie than the picture shows!”

T. Mayner, Alberta, Canada



“I wore it to an emergent meeting and received many great comments on it.”

R.W.Bro. L. A. Smith, Brock Lodge #354




“Very nice tie, I have not found anything like it anywhere else.”

Bro. B. Lerch, Pewaukee, WI




“Greetings! The tie arrived today and looks fantastic! Thanks again!”

Bro. Tyler M.




“I received my three ties today and love them. I can't wait to send the 2 over to Scotland as thank-you gifts. Great quality and workmanship.”

Bro. M. McGaw, St. George Lodge 15 - A




“Up here all the lodges have their own ties but how many times do you want to wear them or win them in the raffles. Your ties are far superior in quality and looks to any others I have purchased I believe you could do well in orders up here.”

Bro. T. Mayner, Fort McMurray, Alberta




“I hope you get plenty of orders from my lodge and nearby lodges when they see howbeautiful these ties are..”

Bro. S. Brown, Lodge Marsden no 169, New Zealand




“I have seen your work and it's stunning.”

Bro. S. Zalatoris, Suffolk University