Hall of Patrons

Welcome to the Hall of Patrons

This page is dedicated to our generous supporters who pledged to send us some funds ($1 is the suggested amount) every month. The monies collected will be used to support of our current and future Freemasonry Inspired Arts, Crafts, and Merchandise projects. 

A Big Thank You to our Patrons for Supporting Us!

1. Lee Maddix

2. James Zimmerman

3. John Bower

4. Sean Hanney, Third Degree Elements

5. Scott Hilsee

6. Daniel Di Natale

7. Todd Robinson

8. William Hosler

9. Jeffrey Kupperman

10. David Truax

11. Jonathan Hirshon

12. Bob White

13. Ed King

14. Hunter McCallum

15. Jason Godios

16. Michael Sabina

17. Rick LaGue

18. Tommy Moran

19. James Buckhorn

20. Jereme L. Olson


The financial support that we receive from our generous patrons help pay for hosting and other services (such as Adobe Cloud). As a Patron, you help fuel my creative endeavors and bring my product ideas to life. Please see below to find out some of the things I'm working on.

**How to become a FraternalTies Patron?**

Please click this link to find out more on how to become a Patron. 

The Wood and Leather Square and Compasses Bow Tie
Hand-carved Trinket Box (Great for keeping your tie or lapel pins!)
Swiss-made FraternalTies Leather and Steel Watch
FraternalTies Masonry Inspired Leather Sneakers (Made in Italy)