Toronto Don Valley Warden's Association Logo and Lapel Pin

by John Paul Gomez | February 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

I'm feeling honored to be given the task of designing a logo for the reputable Toronto Don Valley Warden's Association. Thank you, Brother Ben San Juan, current president of the group, for putting your trust in me. 

What's with the Design?

The main graphic consist of 3 elements. The stylized plumb/level tools (the symbolic working tools of the wardens, for the unitiated), the Square and Compasses above the plumb/level, and the Rope or Cable Tow border. An additional symbol, the Acacia, is used to divide the typeface.  

The Warden's tools combined with the S&C is, at a glance, meant to look like a candle with Light.

Additional Inspirations

Shameless Self-promotion

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