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Masonic Service Association, Disaster Appeal For North Carolina

by John Paul Gomez September 21, 2018 0 Comments

Masonic Service Association, Disaster Appeal For North Carolina

"Most Worshipful Speed Hallman, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina has requested the Masonic Service Association of North America to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal. Hurricane Florence has produced massive flooding across the state. The Grand Lodge is aiding and assisting their Brothers, their families, and their communities in providing aid and assistance."
-Sources: (1) Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, (2) Masonic Service Association. You may send monetary donation directy through the MSA website.

Masonic Service Association and Teespring

For the first time, a Masonic group is now listed as a Charity Organization in Teespring! We are happy to report that FraternalTies has been instrumental in including a charitable Masonic group- The Masonic Service Association of North America, to the list of Charity organizations that Teespring works with. As of today, creative Freemasons from all over the world will now be able to submit their designs to Teespring and donate a portion of the proceeds to MSA!

No Stranger to Hurricanes / Typhoons

Growing up in a country dubbed by Time Magazine as "the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms", we are no strangers to the devastating effects of a hurricane. My wife and I with our 4 kids now reside in North America and we would like to give back.

Beginning with hurricanes Harvey which hit Texas and Maria which decimated Puerto Rico last year, we want to continue and make it a FraternalTies tradition to donate to charities supporting those affected by this calamitous weather phenomenon.

Past Hurricane Relief Efforts

When you visit the Hearts for Texas and the Hearts for Puerto Rico campaign links and hover your mouse cursor over the "Verified Charity Contribution" logo on the campaign page, you will see that we have donated 75% of the proceeds to The American Red Cross. There were no Masonic charities listed in Teespring until today! If you have a creative idea and would like to donate to MSA, you can now do so by selecting "Masonic Service Association Education Department".


John Paul Gomez
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