Working Tools

I present to you The Working Tools Masonic Neck tie. This handsome neck wear with subtle Freemason motif has the Masonic working tools in rich blue silk and set on a rich black silk background. It comes with matching cufflinks and pocket square- the entire set is carefully packaged in a sturdy box. Upon closer inspection of the design, the inquisitive Brother will notice a few symbols that is not familiar to him- rather than explaining here the reason for the unknown tools, I encourage the curious Brother to study the differences between the working tools used in different countries particularly between the US and the UK.

The Working Tools Masonic neck tie is Jacquard woven is made with 100% silk. It has a good weight and makes an impressive knot. At approximately 60" in length (3" longer than the standard) and 3.75" at its widest side, the Working Tools is a versatile tie that could fit most Brethren. 

The entire set- neck tie, cufflinks, and pocket squares- was originally valued at $99 but we have decided to bring the price down so that the average Freemason may also afford our creations. There are only less than 50 of this gift set available so get yours now!

Fraternally yours,
Bro. John Paul Gomez, designer
Doric Lodge No. 316

Sold Out

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