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3 PCS. Quarantine Lodge No. 2020 Canvas Patch

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3 PIECES Limited Edition sew/iron-on Masonic 3.25" canvas patch designed by FraternalTies. It features the make-believe Masonic lodge Quarantine Lodge No. 2020 seal.

Grain, Pomegranate and the Handshake: What does it mean?

Let's begin with the Pomegranate. According to the Books of Kings, the capitals of the two pillars that stood in front of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem were engraved with pomegranates. Solomon is said to have designed his coronet based on the pomegranate's "crown". 

Pomegranates were known in Ancient Israel as the fruits that the scouts brought to Moses to demonstrate the fertility of the "promised land". Ancient Egyptians regarded the pomegranate as a symbol of prosperity and ambition. In Ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate was known as the "fruit of the dead", and believed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis.

The grain, on the other hand, is referred to across many cultures as the staff of life. It is a long-standing symbol of fertility, bounty and resurrection.

The handshake symbolizes friendship and cooperation. Together with the Grain and the Pomegranate, their meaning can be taken as success being a natural product of people working together. 

The Latin motto "manus manum lavat" | "one hand washes the other" is contained within the red prohibition sign. A thumb and stems of grain are above the prohibition. 

FraternalTies Quarantine Lodge 2020 Grain Pomegranate Shaking Hands

The text around reads, Quarantine Lodge No. 2020 | State of Global Pandemic | Six Feet Apart. The seal is framed by a stylized COVID-19 virus. 

IMPORTANT: The face shield is protected by a thin plastic film on the front and back (see the last photo). This must be removed before using the face shield. 

Not available anywhere else. Designed and printed in Canada.