PRE-ORDER 32nd Degree Double Headed Eagle of Lagash necktie

Starting today June 20, 2014, we will begin taking pre-orders for the Double Headed Eagle of Lagash 32nd Degree neck tie - this is the 2nd necktie in our Scottish Rite series and the 9th in our Signature series.

This pre-order phase will run for 3 days only. Please note that we will stop accepting pre-orders this coming Monday, June 23, 2014. A shorter pre-order period will allow us to remain true to our project timeline and avoid unnecessary shipping delays later on.

If you pre-order now, you will avail of the introductory price of US$59 plus S&H. The actual price will be US$65. As per tradition, you will receive a FREE limited edition gift if you pre-order, this time it will be the stylized 32nd Degree Double Headed Eagle of Lagash sticker designed by Bro. Gomez.

As usual, this tie is made with 100% Jacquard woven silk, self-tipped, and interlined with wool. 60" long (the standard necktie length is 57") and approximately 3.75" at its widest. Like all the ties belonging in our Signature Series, the woven silk fabric of this tie is designed to be luxuriously dense and heavy.

We have begun the production last week and we expect to finish sometime in August. We promise not to repeat our previous shipping blunder. 

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us.


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