New and Improved Masonic Wooden Watch (Teak wood, Japanese movement, genuine Sapphire crystal)

A Peculiar Timepiece - Take 2

Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

Brethren and Friends,

I hope that all is well wherever you may be. Due to popular demand, we are once more taking pre-orders for this one-of-a-kind Masonic wristwatch. Everyone agrees that it is truly a beauty to behold.

Despite the rave reviews from our customers, the first edition of this unique timepiece was not without flaw: the glass breaks easily. We addressed this problem by upgrading its reincarnation with Genuine Sapphire Crystal.

With this offer, I certainly do not wish to offend those who are still waiting patiently for their long awaited FrateralTies merchandise (i.e. wooden watch replacement, paisley tie) to arrive. We promise to replace all broken ones with the upgraded version. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the patient and generous support that we continue to receive from you. We continue to learn a lot of things, we continue to improve, we do this because of our desire to serve you better and provide you with better products that you will be proud to wear. We will never let you down.

Warning before buying: I would like to reiterate that this watch, with the exception of the movement and the stainless steel parts that connect the bracelet together, is made of wood and requires gentle treatment and care. Over time it may develop patina (some like it, some don't) or in rare cases minute cracks (easily repaired). Although our watches are splash-proof, we suggest you not to wear it when it is rainy or while doing activities that will make you perspire a lot. Following this simple guideline will help extend the life of your unique collector's watch.


We only need 50 pre-orders to get this going. Production will begin on March and will take 40-50 days to complete. You will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity along with your watch.

This offer is for serious buyers only, in case of defects (1 year warranty) we will honor product replacement but we cannot offer a money back guarantee. We are a very small family business with its center of operations located right at the heart of our living room here in Toronto, Canada. In order for us to remain competitive with our pricing, we have to forgo this certain buyer protection feature (money back feature) that I think are commonly offered by our bigger competitors. But remember that we will gladly replace defective merchandise. 

Shipping and Handling

To avoid complications, we will charge a flat rate shipping fee of $20. The watches will be individually inspected by us and hand packed using professional packaging materials. It will also come with hand printed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. You will be provided with a tracking number. Please note that Canada Post may not be able to provide a tracked service to certain countries outside of US/Canada. Delivery takes 4-10 business days to US/Canada/UK. It may take 4 business weeks or more to other international destinations. To repeat, we will begin production this March, it will take 40-50 days to finish the production.


Finding it hard to get in touch with us?

We are feeling very blessed that the interest in our products have grown tremendously in a short span of time. Although our customer base have expanded, it's still just me and my wife handling all the communications on top of doing all the product design, prototyping, dealing with manufacturers, etc. We strive to read and respond to each and every email that we receive but our lack of a better customer relationship management system proved problematic.

In an effort to provide a better communication channel where no voice will be left unheard, we took the liberty to setup an online community for our FraternalTies customers where you can submit their questions, concerns and complaints, feedback, suggestions, etc. Our success depends on your satisfaction. Here's the link to the FraternalTies Customer community

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