Memento Mori II 1st Edition


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The Memento Mori II Limited Edition necktie is made with 100% Jacquard woven silk. It is self-tipped and has wool interlining. Our ties are designed by a Freemason for Freemasons.

Of all the ties in our collection, the Memento Mori II is most ripe with Masonic symbolisms. It is riddled with symbols which is reminiscent of the sublime work. The crossbones, working tools, trivium, and quadrivium are harmoniously rendered in a repeating pattern. The foundation of the pattern is a turnip- look closer and you will see it. What is a turnip doing in a somber Masonic tie? It's because before carving pumpkins during halloween become popular, carving the subterranean vegetable was the vogue.   

For a better finish, our designer employed various weave patterns using matte and reflective threads to create that desirable light and dark iridescent sheen that our ties are famous for. The resulting fabric is luxuriously heavy and densely woven, it feels good to touch, it provides a better drape, and will allow you to form a superior looking knot with a dimple or two if you like!  

Please hover your cursor over the product images to the left and you will be able to see the finer details of our fabric. Trust us, it looks way better in person. This or your money back.

A very important yet often overlooked feature of a necktie is the tipping. It's that area at the back of the widest tip. Most neckties in the market, even those from big fashion houses, simply have a plain black polyester fabric or other synthetic material at the back. A necktie is said to be self-tipped if the back is made with the same tie fabric. Our neckties, except those with special monograms, are elegantly self-tipped.

Only 50 of these were made. It was sold out 2 days after hitting the shelves. I am releasing 4 of these ties from my personal collection to fund our next project. This exact style (notice the straight sword), will never be reproduced again. This particular style is the first in the Ordo Ab Chao series. Once it is gone, it is definitely gone forever.

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