The Original Memento Mori Necktie

The Memento Mori tie, the patriarch of our Memento Mori series, looks and feels distinctly vintage and full of character. It evokes images of the Jazz Age- the Roaring 20's. Use simple knots only such as the Four In Hand knot, and avoid fancy ones. 

Minimalist design. The simple layout (based on the iconic polka dot pattern) requires a weave which yields a fabric that feels lighter when compared to our denser ties such as those in our signature collection.

A mystical effect. The white tear drop pattern turns into gentle mysterious blue hue when viewed from an angle.

The Memento Mori necktie was first offered as part of our 2011 collection and was an instant hit. We are reviving it due to popular demand. 

The four knots shown here are in order of appearance are the FraternalTies knot, four-in-hand knot, half Windsor knot, and the full Windsor knot. 

As of this writing, July 1, 2016, we are not taking new orders but we do have extra Memento Mori Original ties in our inventory (less than 2 dozen units available). If you would like the opportunity to own a Masonic Paisley II necktie, please reserve yours by clicking this link. Strictly First Come, First Served. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us by clicking the chat icon on the lower right portion of this page. 

Sold Out

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