Masonic Paisley 17" x 17" Silk Pocket Square Pink


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What are pocket squares for if they're not multi-functional? The FraternalTies 17" x 17" Mulberry Silk pocket square is certainly not just for the "looks"- it's big enough to be tied around your head as a face covering we might as well call it a bandana.

Multi-functional size

With its 24" diagonal length, you can wear it in a variety of ways- partnered up with a tie or even on its own. The radiant smooth natural silk feels good to the skin, you will see and feel the difference when you wear it.

Beware of Imitators

The Masonic Paisley pattern is an original creation by Bro. JPG. This pattern has been stolen by several manufacturers all over the world such as India, Pakistan, UK, China, even in the USA and Canada. We do not have the time nor the capacity to go after all of them. Their fake FraternalTies merchandise sells for a fraction of the original. We will never be able to compete with them head to head. The only thing that we ask is to support your local artist and buy original.

Limited Edition

These squares were made from the excess fabric from our gun-metal pink paisley tie collection. Only 9 units available. It is naturally mildew and moth resistant.