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Making Good Men Better Original T-shirt and Stickers Combo

In 2010 we printed a limited number of our original Making Good Men Better logo t-shirts. These are the first t-shirts that FraternalTies ever produced! We found 14 brand new and unused ones in storage and we're releasing them! Now is your chance to own a piece of FraternalTies history!

Check out the side-by-side comparison of the MGMB t-shirts above. The one on the left was used as a workout t-shirt by our designer for many years while the one on the right is brand new. The print is almost completely faded after over a decade of regular but the cotton fabric is still of excellent quality as you can see in the photos.

Each t-shirt comes with (1) Quarantine Lodge No. 2021 Car/Fridge magnet, (1) MGMB holographic sticker, (1) FraternalTies label sticker, and (1) FraternalTies Original sticker (not shown). If you don't plan to wear the t-shirt and would like to have it signed by our designer instead, simply let us know after you place your order.

The Making Good Men Better seal is a FraternalTies original design. It is not available anywhere else. There are many unauthorized and cheap copies out there but the quality is obviously not great. By buying original, you are directly helping us improve our creations!