32nd Degree Scottish Rite necktie No. 1


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I am very proud to present to you necktie No. 1 from our 32nd Degree Scottish Rite series. It is made with 100% Jacquard woven silk, is self-tipped, and has wool interlining. It is 60 inches long from tip to tip and approximately 3.75 inches at its widest. Our ties are designed by a Freemason, Bro. John Paul Gomez, for Freemasons.

Secrets in Plain Sight

At first sight, this 32nd Degree Scottish Rite fabric may look like a basic gold geometric pattern on black background but look closer... when the light hits it right, its secrets will be revealed- a subtle pattern of Squares and Compasses interconnected with chains.

Love and care

We will ship your tie in an elegant and protective gift box. (see photos)

Limited Edition

As of this writing, we only have more or less 30 of these left. 

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