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As of today, January 20, 2022, we have no choice but to temporarily close our shop due to a funding issue brought to us by an ugly fraud case. . : In July 2021, Robert W. Reinhardt III, WM at Wyckoff Lodge No. 287 in New Jersey ordered a variety of custom neckwear with the intention to outfit his lodge officers for his installation. . : Since our ties are created from scratch, production takes several months. We finished production in the last week of October. We urged him to complete his payment by telling him that we will ship the merchandise as soon as the payment is complete. He sent us a payment proof from PayPal and so we shipped the order. . : Days passed and his payment never reached our account. After several calls to PayPal ,it emerged that the document he sent to us was falsified. On top of this, he also filed merchant dispute claiming he never received his item causing PayPal to take away the only payment he ever made . : His order was successfully delivered to his home address on November 15th just in time for his 2nd term installation. We have been trying to get paid to no avail ever since. We cannot take new orders or else we will be charged with overdraft and insufficient funds penalties by PayPal, our credit card, and our bank on top of the high currency exchange conversion rate. . : We will post more details about this ordeal as well as some troubling information about Robert on all our social media pages. We will do this in sincere hope that no one else will fall victim to Robert's fraudulent ways (as part of our investigation, we were able to obtain documentation that shows a disturbing pattern of behavior). . : FraternalTies is a small business operated by my wife and I. We are artisans who earns enough to maintain our family and the business. We rely on every single order placed by our loyal customers. We are not a big company, we do not rely on any business grants or small business loans as e-commerce are not eligible for certain types of government funding/grants/loans. . : To those who have placed an order before this closure, rest assured that you will receive your order. If you have any questions, please email us directly at . : We are always looking at the bright side of things, we know we will find a way to open shop as soon as we can. We love what we do. . : Sincerely, Paul and Rechelle

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