Got ties for bigger Masons?
  • It really depends on your height and your neck size. Regular ties are around 57″-58″ while extra-long ties are 62"-64". A FraternalTies necktie is 60" long. If you require something longer, or if your name is Brother Shaquille O'Neal, please let us know of the actual length that you need and we will consider it on our next production.
Do you offer custom work? (i.e. Lodge logo design, custom Lodge tie design, etc)
  • Yes, but please note that we are under a heavy load at the moment and the wait times may be long. Please contact us to find out if we can help.
Who designs your neckties?
  • Our neckties are designed by Bro. John Paul Gomez, a Senior DeMolay and a Master Mason from Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada.
Where do you manufacture your ties?
  • Our 100% Jacquard silk fabric and neckties are handmade in China by a select company which employs highly skilled artisans. We only use the finest Chinese silk fibers collected from mulberry munching silkworms. We pay our manufacturing partner a premium several times more than their usual cost of production to have them produce the fabric according to our complex designs and specifications. We want nothing but the best and we spend time and money towards producing nothing but the best.
Why not Italian silk?
  • Because we're traditionalists and realists. It was in China where silk was discovered and it was there where neckties was first worn- each of Qin Shi Huang terracotta army wore a necktie. Also, there is no difference in workmanship and the quality of the fabric- but the cost of production is worlds apart. 
I can't find anything for sale here. Why is everything sold out?
  • Our products sell fast. If you would like to know beforehand when a new product is about to hit the shelves,  please join our mailing list
Do you have an actual store where we can go and buy your ties?
  • For the time being, you can only purchase our merchandise through this website.  We ship our ties directly to you from our home.
Are you looking for distributors?
  • Do you have experience in selling Masonic regalia? Let us know