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  • A DeMolay and Order of Knighthood alumni
  • Senior Warden at Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada (6014 AL)
  • Wishes to step out of the officer progression lineup and hopes to become his mother Lodge's Historian instead of taking on the difficult role of a W.M.- a position which he feels he's not yet ready to fulfil
  • Too bad the Lodge Historian position was already taken (noooooo!)
  • He is the only son of the late loveable madman, notorious artist, and public teacher- Mr. Gerry "Sir Zemog" Gomez of the Gomez clan from Mindoro Occidental, Philippines. His father imbued him with love for the arts and crafts
  • Bro. Gomez is not very good with working with other people and prefers to work alone (hey, everyone has their little quirks)
  •  He likes to impress his wife and four kids with his ever evolving Philippine adobo recipe
  • Bro. Gomez is an agnostic theist with a strong Christian background. He would like to dabble with Buddhism but he got no zen.