Royal Arch Masons Triple Tau Bow Tie


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A Jacquard-woven silk bowtie and pocket square (free when you pre-order) exclusively designed for Royal Arch Masons.

The Sanguine Triple Tau Tie is the first Jacquard-woven silk necktie we designed specifically with the Royal Arch Mason in mind. Our designer took inspiration from RAM symbology, numerology (everything good comes in threes) and nature (honeycomb and the likes) while developing this geometric pattern.  

  • 100% Jacquard-woven silk
  • Self-tie bowtie and 12"x12" pocket square
  • Adjustable length up to 18" neck circumference

FraternalTies Royal Arch Masons Necktie Honeycomb

Beware of Imitations

We have identified and reported several "Masonic" regalia companies who have been reproducing and selling this FraternalTies original necktie. Please read this Royal Arch Masons necktie article to know how to spot a fake. 

To know more about the design inspiration behind our Royal Arch Masonry series, please click here