Masonic Paisley Tie - Version 1


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9 months in the making

This first edition of the Masonic Paisley tie is truly a special one. If you have been following our exploits in Facebook, you probably know that it have taken us 3 or 4 trials before it finally got to a form that we like. I consider this limited edition version a rough ashlar version- I'm saying this because it is not without flaws. A weaving error caused some instances of the letter "G" to be rendered in reverse. This will be corrected on the 2nd edition which we plan to release next year in 2016. 

Paisley tie highlights

  • The envelope or the shell is made with 100% Jacquard woven iridescent silk. This high quality material allows for a superior looking not with our without dimples. The fabric density is perfect and will give you a nice drape. 
  • Self-tipped- what this means is that the backside tip is made from the same material the envelope has been cut from. Others go cheap on this by using black polyester.
  • The length is 60" from tip to tip, the widest tip is 3.75".
  • Will be shipped to you wrapped in black napkin, encased within a protective presentation box (with silica gel), and sealed into a bubble mailer envelope.