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Masonic Wooden Watch *12*

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We discovered a stash of Original FraternalTies Masonic black sandalwood Masonic wooden watches. We counted 15 watches in good working condition. Some of these unique timepieces have cosmetic defects, while a few are in perfect condition. These are rare watches and cannot be bought anywhere else. The Year of manufacture is 2014.

Because of the varying wood grain, each watch is absolutely unique. Because of this, each watch has its own product page complete with the actual photos of the timepiece. The purchase price depends on the quality of the watch. The price ranges from USD $50 up to $150.

This is watch number *12*. This timepiece is in great condition. We encourage the viewer to zoom in on the photo details (simply hover your cursor over the photos). 

  • minor scratch on the bracelet 

Here are some additional details:

  • Original FraternalTies Black Sandalwood wooden watch
  • Made in 2014 in limited quantities
  • The case and adjustable bracelet (up to 23cm wrist size) are made of black sandalwood
  • The back cover is engraved with the sacred Flower of Life symbol
  • Equipped with brand new Energizer battery. This battery will last several years before a replacement is needed
  • Shipped in its original protective box. The box due to storage and age (made in 2014) may not be in perfect condition. 

Since the watch is made of natural wood, it is more fragile when compared to steel or plastic watches. Don't wet it and don't play sports with it!