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PRE-ORDER | Gunmetal Pink Masonic Paisley Necktie

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Freemasonry and sexy cannot mix? We beg to differ! Hover your cursor over the photos to check out the beautiful details of this fine Jacquard-woven silk necktie.

Take note that none of these photos have been edited in any way- we did not even adjust the brightness/contrast. What you see is what you get.

Some of the photos appear to have different hues, this is due to the varying amount of ambient light (thanks sun and clouds) that I get through the windows as I take the photos.

We expect bulk production completion in 3-6 weeks. As usual, we make very limited quantities only. Pre-order yours now before you lose your chance to own one!

NOTE: You may notice that some of the G are woven in reverse. This will be corrected during bulk production.


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