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The Masonic Roots of the Flag of the Philippines

by John Paul Gomez May 28, 2019

The Masonic Roots of the Flag of the Philippines

Today is the National Flag Day of my country of origin- the Philippines. This nation's flag design has deep Masonic roots. Designed by a zealous Freemason Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo- the first President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Pay attention to the 3 colors (royal blue, crimson red, and gold) and the symbols (white equilateral triangle with the sun in the middle. There are three 5-pointed stars at each vertex of the triangle.

Philippines Revolution 1896 Masonic

"With God to illumine them, and Masonry to inspire them, they fought the battle of emancipation and won." -Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo (Freemason and 1st President of the Philippines) speaking of the 1896 Filipino revolutionists.

Filipino revolution kkk andres bonifacio freemasons

"The Bonifacio Mural" (1964) painted by Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco.

"The successful Revolution of 1896 was masonically inspired, masonically led, and masonically executed. And I venture to say that the first Philippine Republic of which I was its humble president, was an achievement we owe, largely, to Masonry and the Freemasons." - Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, 1st President of the Philippine Republic. 

Emilio Aguinaldo Philippine Independence Freemasons

Andres Bonifacio Philippines Flag Freemasonry Inspired

President Aguinaldo in his 60's with the original flag.


John Paul Gomez
John Paul Gomez


Bro. John Paul Gomez (aka Paul, JP, JPG) is a graphics designer by trade and a full-time father-of-4. He is currently the WM-Elect at Doric Lodge No. 316 AF&AM in Ontario, Canada. He is an honorary member of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 F&AM in Buffalo, New York. In his youth, he was a member of the International Order of DeMolay Occidental Mindoro Philippines Chapter and the Thomas Michael Sherry Priory Order of Knighthood. He is a wanabee Muaythai fighter.