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by John Paul Gomez | July 27, 2013 | 10 Comments

Most of you know that FraternalTies is mostly a one man operation. Fabric design, web development, photography, digital artworks, email exchange, etc- I handle them all and I love it! However, for the past few weeks my performance have been very terrible. I am sure that many of you have noticed the significant delays in responding to emails, no new products are being introduced- not to mention the tardiness in the processing of orders, and my facebook postings have slowed down to a trickle. With the recent relaunching of our website, I had hoped that things will be more manageable but I was wrong.


I am aware that some of you are concerned and some are understandably frustrated. For that I am trully sorry... I feel really bad but my hands are tied... I would not wish this situation that I am in upon my worst enemy. I obviously can't go into details but let's just say that with every step that I make on this mosaic pavement, my foot always seem to land on a black tile.  This tile that I am on right now is so big and wide it feels like a sinkhole with no end in sight.


I am writing this to ask you for some understanding while we go through a particularly difficult time in our life. I fervently hope that you will still be there when we get back on track. 



FraternalTies was not founded with the accumulation of money in mind. If it was, I would have bombarded you with cheap, easily made, and easily sold products on a weekly basis. I would have not spent countless hours designing artworks which I publish online free for sharing and download. But FraternalTies to me is more than that. Please remember, when sending us an email, that it is a Brother (and perhaps his wife and kids) who will be reading your email and not some greedy salesman whose life revolves around making a sale.
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John said:

Do not stress my Brother. I agree with Adam completely. Remember we are obligated to each other and it goes both ways!

July 27, 2013

Thomas Pierce said:

Brother Gomez,
I offer my thoughts, prayers and best wishes. I admire your work, devotion and priorities. First things are first. I look forward to you emerging from this storm stronger and to the bright future of Fraternal Ties.

S&F, Wor. Bro. Thomas Pierce

July 27, 2013

Dean Burzese said:

My Brother!, don’t despair! No storm lasts forever, and they all pass regardless of their ferocity!.. So to will this one. Remember, you have so many Bretheren to help you bear whatever burden that is weighing heavily on your shoulders! I am a proud owner of 2 of your ties and have worn them on some very special occasions! And whenever this storm passes ( and it will) I will be here waiting for your next magnificent creation. God bless you my brother!!

Bro. Dean Burzese

July 27, 2013

Sean M. Hanney said:

Bro. John

Do what you must. Maintain yourself and your family’s needs first.
Thanks for sharing what you can and don’t forget to open up your tool box.
There may be a couple on the bottom that haven’t been used in awhile and may be the right tool for the week.

Your friend and Fraternal Brother,
Sean Hanney
Fellowship Lodge
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

July 27, 2013

Steve Singleton said:

Quality takes time. In this age of fast food, we often expect everything to come quickly.
My brother, you have our respect and support. Just keep communicating & all will be fine!

July 27, 2013

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